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Glades County & Information

Glades County is a county located in the Florida Heartland region of the U.S. state of FloridaIndigenous people lived in this area for thousands of years. Due to warfare and exposure to infectious diseases after European contact, native tribes became depopulated. In the eighteenth century, when the area was under Spanish rule, Native American peoples of Creek and other tribes migrated into present-day Florida from Georgia

Population & More

Population: 12,454

Median Household Income: $38,088

Persons in poverty: 19.2%

High school graduate: 69.4%

Bachelor’s degree or higher: 45.2%

Persons without health insurance: 13.4%

Households: 4,572

Number of Companies: 124

Men owned firms: 42

Women owned firms: N/A

Veterans: 1,377

Cities & Zip Codes: Moore Haven 33471, 

Buckhead Ridge 34974

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