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Sarasota County & Information

 The area that is now known as Sarasota County has been inhabited by humans for some 10,000 years. Evidence of human remains as well as a burned out log at the Warm Mineral Springs, in North Port, were discovered that date to the early Archaic period.

Population & More

Population: 462,286

Median Household Income: $69,490

Persons in poverty: 8.6%

High school graduate: 93.7%

Bachelor’s degree or higher: 37.3%

Persons without health insurance: 15.8%

Households: 193,923

Businesses: 14,480

Men owned firms: 7,188

Women owned firms: 2,432

Veterans: 39,183

Ridge Wood Heights 34231

Sarasota Springs 34233

Laurel 34229

Vamo 34238

Southgate 34239

Siesta Key 34242

Venice 34284

Fruitville 34240

Ridge Wood Heights 34276

North Port 34288

Laurel 34272

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