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Ascension Parish, Louisiana

Ascension Parish is located in southeastern Louisiana, United States. It is part of the Baton Rouge Metropolitan Statistical Area and is situated between the Mississippi River and Lake Maurepas. The parish was established in 1807 and was named after the Ascension of Jesus Christ.

Geographically, Ascension Parish covers an area of approximately 303 square miles (784 square kilometers). It is bordered by the parishes of East Baton Rouge, Livingston, St. James, and Iberville. The parish seat is the city of Gonzales, and other notable communities include Prairieville, Donaldsonville, and Sorrento.

As of 2021, Ascension Parish had an estimated population of around 130,000 people, making it one of the fastest-growing parishes in Louisiana. The population growth can be attributed to its proximity to Baton Rouge, a robust job market, and a desirable quality of life.

Ascension Parish has a diverse economy with a mix of industries. The petrochemical industry plays a significant role, with several industrial plants and refineries located in the area. Other sectors that contribute to the local economy include manufacturing, healthcare, education, retail, and agriculture.

Agricultural activities in Ascension Parish primarily focus on sugarcane, soybeans, corn, and cattle. The parish's fertile soils and favorable climate support these agricultural endeavors.

The parish offers various recreational opportunities for residents and visitors. Outdoor enthusiasts can enjoy activities such as boating, fishing, and water sports on the Mississippi River, Lake Maurepas, and various bayous and lakes in the area. The area also has parks, golf courses, and recreational facilities for sports and leisure activities.

Ascension Parish is served by the Ascension Public Schools system, which operates several public schools in the area. The parish is also home to several private and parochial schools.

Overall, Ascension Parish provides a mix of suburban and rural living with access to urban amenities. Its growing population, strong economy, and recreational offerings make it an attractive place to live and work in Louisiana.

Population & More

Population: 126,604

Median Household Income: $ 80,527

Persons in poverty: 9.6 %

High school graduate: 88.6 %

Bachelor’s degree or higher: 26.4 %

Persons without health insurance: 7.3 %

Households: 43,032

Number of Companies: 8,748

Men owned firms: 4,597

Women owned firms: 3,012

Veterans: 5,018

Cities & Zip Codes: Donaldsonville, 70346 - Maurepas, 70449 - Darrow, 70725 - Geismar, 70734 - Gonzales, 70737 - Prairieville, 70769 - Saint Amant, 70774 - Sorrento, 70778 - Gonzales, 70707 - Brittany, 70718 - Duplessis, 70728 - Burnside, 70738.

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